Exhibition of "Mémorial des corps et des âmes" ("Memorial of bodies and souls") in Nice

Mémorial des corps et des âmes (Memorial of bodies and souls)

Photography, acrylic and soft pastel on canvas / 61 x 38 cms / 2015


Exhibition in Domain du Fogolar / Nice

Varnishing of close of the 17th Festival SeptOff of the Photography

On Sunday, October 18th at 12 am / With tasting of wines of the Domain


For more than ten years I photograph cemeteries of France and all the countries where takes me the road of my life. Attaching me particularly to the statuary, I so approach the problem of the death - taboo subject of our contemporary society. For the Festival of the Photography SeptOff on 2015, I propose 8 paintings where, exploiting completely the theme "Freedom", mix in complementarity photography, painting and poetic texts.

In addition, projection of one of my movies-videos, a duration of 10 minutes, having the same theme, with the voice of Yvon Le Men saying his poems.

Finally this varnishing of close of the Festival will be accompanied with a tasting-sale of wines AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) of the property.


Domaine du Fogolar

Appellation Bellet Contrôlée

370 chemin de Crémat

Impasse Collet de Bovis

06200 NICE


Exhibition of "Inner Landscapes" in Nice

Cocktail on the occasion of the varnishing on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 at 6:30 pm to the Agency "Cimiez Boulevard", 92 boulevard of Cimiez, 06000 NICE

In the great pleasure to see you in the varnishing of recent works put into series "Inner Landscapes", oil on canvas, on 2014-2015.

Exhibition from September 24th till November 20th, 2015

Exhibition at Nîmes (France)

Exhibition of 6 paintings of the series "Inner Landscapes" in the Gallery EMP ART-REFLEXIONS, 6 Sainte Eugénie Street, 30000 NÎMES, from 1st till 30 September 2015

Exhibition in the United Kingdom

Paintings of the series "Inner Landscapes" are shown, in June, July and August, in about ten cities of the United Kingdom: London, Southampton, Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham etc.